Insane Soccer Moves

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These are some awesome soccer moves. My favorite is Ronaldinho.


Dion Phaneuf – The Legend

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Dion looking studly with his girlfriend, "The Girl Next Door," Elisha Cuthbert

Here is a montage of Dion

Good Will Hunting

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This is the trailor for my favorite movie, Good Will Hunting.

The Game

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The Game


Shovels sift through fluff

and scrape the earth to frozen bliss.

Frigid air pierces my rosy face;

my skin turns dry as toast-


The steel of skate blades dig

into the solid cube of the wild,

and every stride rips through the surface.

Wooden shafts clang with every whack.

Ice dips and slopes and loops in the light


The rubber biscuit explodes off the stick,

Soaring through air like a flying saucer,

to smash against the rugged white twine.


The match of the day burns away to darkness,

powdery dust hardens in the brisk dusk.

The twinkles of the stars illuminate the sky-

Extending the game by hour-hands of nature.


Gus Young

Dispatch- Time Served Live

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This is Dispatch performing Time Served live.

The New Yorker 9/28

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The first thing that I noticed about the New Yorker was the cover. I find the cover very intriguing because it combines both the past- with old cards, horses, and other mobiles- and the future- with flying cars. I also find it interesting they are traveling to a museum. Like the previous issue, I started with the comics, and my particular favorite one is on page 44. It is done in an awesome way with mostly dots rather than strokes and the punch line to the “party” setting reads, “Yes, living well is the best revenge, but right now I’d settle just for doing better than my brother-in-law.” I found it very creative and funny. Another comic that I found funny was on page 51. It takes place in a court room and the line is, “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury duty..” which displays people do not choose to be on the jury rather it is their civic duty and this lawyer acknowledges that in a creative way. I also saw the ad for the New Yorker Festival on the 16th 17th and 18th of OCtober. The picture of the skyline resembles the one from the previous issue which i found very fun and creative- it looks like it would be a good time.

Lone Survivor

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Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell

Lone Survivor, written by Marcus Luttrell, represents the true honor, valor, and heroism of our armed forces. Lone Survivor is an eyewitness account of four Navy Seal team members that are trapped behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, fighting upwards to two-hundred Taliban soldiers in the rocky mountain terrain. The book documents the gruesome and brutal training Navy Seals must endure before combat- and how the training aids them in battle. Marcus Luttrell is the pinnacle of determination and patriotism in this true story of hope and courage. Luttrell also does a fantastic job humanizing ancient tribes of Afghanistan that American society stereotypes as terrorists. This book is a true tribute to the Armed Forces fighting overseas to protect our freedom- it is a must read.